Hi, I'm Jen!

Helping you scale sustainably with simple systems.

Certified Project Manager. Proud Boy-Mama. Business Nerd.

I can’t help it,

I’ve always been organized. I’ve always been a planner. And I’ve always been a helper. These are just a few of the core tenets of my personality (more on that below) and are exactly why I’m right here, right now.

I used to consider myself a generalist – you know the old “Jane of all trades, master of none” thing – and I wasn’t so sure it was a badge of honour. But now that I’ve seen a few more turns around the sun (I’m not telling how many), I know that this breadth of skills is exactly what allows me to help creative entrepreneurs so deeply. I have an innate ability and unstoppable drive to help female entrepreneurs build and operate sustainable, successful, and profitable businesses.

Whether you’re struggling with burnout and overwhelm, using outdated manual systems, or ready to up-level your digital marketing strategy – I am so ready to partner with you and help you step fully into your CEO self.

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Build a Productive + Profitable Business

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The 4 Business Systems that will set you free

Ahhhhh. That’s the sigh of relief you let out when you know your business is operating seamlessly 

(yes, even on days when life is throwing you curveballs.)

This essential guide has you covered and will get you on your way to scalable, sustainable growth!