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You have so many things to do you get stuck in analysis paralysis?

You're sick of doing it all - but don't trust anyone else to do it like you do?

You're sick of feeling like a hot mess express and wish you could be more efficient?

You get sucked into imposter syndrome even though you know you shouldn't?



You are a powerhouse business owner – I have no doubts about that – but the truth is that running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. Between making the big boss decisions and running every single department, on top of all the client work (AKA the stuff that actually lights you up) there really just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

And let’s be honest, no-one starts a business just so they can be bogged down in the manual, day to day administrative stuff. 

so how is a smart and savvy business owner like you ever supposed to get ahead and enjoy all that time freedom you’ve been hearing so much about? 

well, it may not be glamourous but i’ve got a clue for you – it’s all about systems!

without creating systems for the repeated tasks in your business, you’ll always be one step behind, playing catch up on your to-do list. but when you implement scalable systems and smart templates into your business, you can finally step back and actually enjoy all your hard work. 




Ahhhhh. That’s the sigh of relief you let out when you know your business is operating seamlessly (even on a day when life is throwing you curveballs.)

With the Ultimate Ops Bundle, you’ve got systems, templates, and guides to make running your business smooth like butta’ so you can focus on the work you really need to do and finally create that time freedom you’ve been dreaming of. 

What's Inside

The “Big 6” systems you need to create a sustainable and scalable business as a coach or service provider.

Over 30 digital templates, guides, and resources to help you build you business to 6 figures and beyond.

Videos and Quick Start guides so you can start implementing immediately

Lifetime access to all content and any new resources and trainings that get added!


Maybe you’re wondering what all this “ops” stuff really means, anyway!

In my world, Ops = Operations, and it’s happening in all areas of your business – admin, planning, logistics, scheduling, systematizing, and more!

It may not be sexy, but having smooth operations makes all the different between a business that fails and a business that scales!

The Bundle Breakdown...


Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed with a to do list longer than there are hours in the day? The demands on your time are too heavy and you end up stuck in analysis paralysis, which only makes you feel further behind and harder on yourself – hello downward spiral!

The Time Mastery system will get you clear, confident, and ready to tackle your to-do’s in the most efficient way possible. You get 6 PDF guides and workbooks with clear and supportive training, and you’ll walk away with you own customized blueprint to maximizing your time. 

Time Mastery System


Say goodbye to disorganized projects, missed milestones, and that constant anxiety of bouncing around between too many things. As a busy business owner you need a system to help you stay organized, on track and efficient when you sit down to work on your biz.

With the Project Pro bundle, you’ll receive a Project Management system that actually fits into your life to help you feel calm, clear and collected.

Includes Project Brief Template, Project Plan Template, Project Management Guide, and my Project Management Tech Stack Swipe!

Project Pro Template Bundle


Exhausted by the manual process of onboarding new clients? Feeling that imposter syndrome kick in that your client experience isn’t all polished and profession the way you’d like it? With the Seamless Services bundle you’ll be able to take your client experience from drab to fab quickly!

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes, and hello to more time in your calendar! Plus your clients will be sticking around for the long haul – and referring you too – when they get taken care of in style.

Includes Client Onboarding Workflow, New Client Checklist, Email Templates, Branded Asset Templates and more!

Seamless Services


Feeling stretched too thin but the idea of hiring someone to help you is completely overwhelming? Worried about finding someone who can meet your expectations (I know your business is your baby!)

The Outsourcing Ease bundle is here to help – you get everything you need to hire the right person, the right way. Get ready to feel confident and clear in the hiring process, and finally have that breathing room in your calendar that you’ve been dreaming of. 

Includes Job Description Template, Team Growth Planning Worksheet, Interview Questions, Onboarding Guide, the Successful Delegation System and more!

Outsourcing Ease Bundle


You’re an expert at what you do and how you serve your clients, but it turns out marketing is a big part of running a successful business! No need to let marketing get you down with this complete bundle of marketing resources. From outlining your ideal client to creating powerful and high-converting launches, this bundle has what you need to rock your marketing and spend more time doing the work you truly love. 

You get instant access to the Ideal Client Workbook plus a complete Content Planning System AND my 6-Figure Launch Planner!


Are you sick of wanting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to your business finances? Tax time got you down? This simple system and template bundle will help you take back control and make empowered business decisions.

You get the Simple Biz Finance System plus the Monthly Budget and Cashflow Tracker – the only 2 spreadsheets you’ll ever need!

The Ultimate Ops Bundle (4)


(Payment Plans Available)

Hi there, I'm Jen

Jen Beattie

I’m a former project manager turned digital entrepreneur, an avid reader, and a boy-mom to two energetic toddlers. 

In my corporate career, I’ve worked across industries and in a variety of roles, all with one thing in common – a focus on building and growing sustainable business models. After becoming a mom, I brought that expertise to the online space, helping other digital entrepreneurs incorporate sound business strategy and systems to scale their businesses. 

When I’m not waxing poetic about business growth strategies and nerding out on new SaaS platforms, you’ll find me running around after my two boys or curled up with a good book. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is important! That’s why you’ll find a whole bundle of marketing templates inside the Ultimate Bundle. But if you only spend your time growing your marketing efforts and clients without templates and systems, you’ll always have to increase your effort and time spent as you grow – which is a straight path to burnout. Using the Marketing Map inside the Ultimate Bundle will help you scale without the stress!

I’m all about making sound business decisions and only you can know what’s right for you. That’s why there is a special payment option – simply select “Pay With Sezzle” at checkout and you can split your investment into 4 payments. 

Not only do you have lifetime access to everything inside the Ultimate Ops Bundle, you also automatically get any future upgrades too! So as I add more templates or resources, you’ll get those at no additional cost!

The entire Ultimate Ops Bundle is instantly accessible to you as digital downloads. When you purchase, you’ll receive an email with details to log in to the learning portal where you can download everything and access all the training videos. 

I get it – life happens and sometimes we change our minds. That’s why I have a no-hassle 14 day refund policy. Simple reach out to me and my team within 14 days of purchase at and we will process your refund request. 

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